What is an Ombudsman?

Ombudsman is a Swedish word for advocate; we are advoactes for residents in nursing homes, assisted living facilities,  and boarding homes in Jefferson County.  We advocate for the rights of residents, work to resove conflicts within the scope of advocacy, train and work with facilty staff by inservices and educational seminars, and educate the community concerning long term care issues.

The Ombudsman program is committed to the task of challenging present strategies and systems to allow for resident-centered, life affirming, relationship building that transcends the past and liberates the residents of the future, and adopting a systems change that will advocate for residents and transform nursing home culture as we know it today.

The Ombudsman program cannot and will not provide legal advice nor legal referrals; however we do have a legal counsel for the elders of Jefferson County for which we can refer questions.

To speak with the staff of the Ombudsman office refer to our "Contacts" page.